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Your three-part creative photography online course includes:

 1. "Tuning In" - some tips on getting grounded in any location, and helping you notice all the interesting things to photograph there. It's all about building connection.  

2. "Backyard" - whether that's your home, garden, favourite local park, you can adapt the ideas to suit your circumstances.  

 3. "Unusual Subjects" - the magic of ICM photography means that even everyday subjects can be rendered beautiful, artistic and fascinating. In this video we share some examples and ideas with you.

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Your Teachers: Kaisa and Morag
Morag Paterson has been exploring ICM photography for fifteen years. Her work explores the natural world, with a keen eye on how we can discuss themes around environmental challenges and keep our carbon footprints low. Morag has mentored many people in creative photography over the years.

Kaisa Sirén is a photographic artist who brings her soul landscape visible with ICM photography. She focuses on themes related to the seasons of Lapland, and the sensitivity of nature. Kaisa has been concentrating fully on ICM Photography since 2017. 

Why should you do this course?

• Inspirational ideas for developing your ICM photography - or for getting started if you are completely new
• You can learn where ever and whenever you want
• It's free!

The Free Elementary course promised understandable, sequenced techniques for learning ICM. After reading many posts and watching many video introductions and only finding frustration, I watched this one, with some skepticism. But I was wrong. It sparked my curiosity and I purchased the set. My understanding has leaped ahead. Thank-you!

- Nancy Mack

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You can do this course with any camera that lets you have a long shutter speed. There are many apps available for smartphones too that let you do that.

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